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Buying a Top Metal Lathe is Sorta Like Shopping for a High Performance Sports Car…Kinda

Everyone at Summit takes our metal working tools seriously because we know they are our customers’ lifeblood. In fact, we find it interesting that we have the exact same high expectations out of the market’s top metal lathe as we do high-end sports cars: high speed, exacting precision, pinpoint accuracy and unwavering reliability. It makes sense, though, when you consider what’s at stake when you make an investment like this.

Whether you’re buying the best lathe machine or the top-of-the-line sports car, you want to have total confidence in the manufacturer. You want to know that they will be there to support you well after the initial purchase with responsive customer service, excellent technical support, comprehensive repair service, experienced training and ready spare parts. With both a metal lathe and a sports car, you want to know that you bought a performance machine that will last – you need a metal working tool that will stand the test of time, hold up under the most challenging conditions and perform consistently. When you’re looking for a metal lathe for sale or a sports car, you also want an impressive performance machine that is fully loaded with the best features and accessories. This doesn’t mean upgrade options that nickel and dime you to death – but a base model that includes all of the bells and whistles that make the difference between standard and superior.

While we know that Summit metal lathes aren’t really race cars, we do take extraordinary pride in bringing the industry’s top lathe machine to market and we want our customers to purchase and use our equipment with confidence. Thinking about our machine tools like high end performance vehicles keeps us motivated to continuously offer machinists the industry’s most innovative and competitive products available.

If you want to take a Summit metal lathe for a test drive, contact us today! Also, let us know if you think neon colors and racing stripes would increase your machine tool room’s morale and productivity; we can probably work something out!