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Ask Jason: Applications Questions

Some might say Jason is a bit of a Renaissance man. He’s smart, creative and technical all at the same time. He started his career as a painter and then learned the machining industry from the product & service sides. Now, Jason has reached enlightenment as Summit’s knowledgeable sales guy. You’ve probably seen him on our machine tool demonstration videos! He’s your go-to-guy for any how to use milling machine and CNC questions.

Can the turret be put on other side of slide
We have a power turret on our Smart Cut CNC lathe and for some reason it is on the operator side, like a manual turret would be. All the CNC machines I use the turret is on the back side, so it lets the operator see what’s going on. I think I just need to […] Read More

the worn gear block on axis is worn
There are three ways- one goes toward the chuck, the other goes in toward center of chuck. This block that goes on the worm gear has movement. Could the block be bad? If you grab the axis and try to move it by hand, it moves. Can you buy this block separate? Read More

bad engagement on feed box
The detent on the mm/1″ feed selector (Section A in the manual breakdown of feedbox) is way off position and doesnt feel right. Its also not locking in the leadscrew consistantly. The roll pin holding the handle on is no longer in a horizontal position, more verticle and and detents are not hitting intended positions. […] Read More

I need a procedure on how to use the tapping feature properly on the HBM 110 Read More

Instruction and parts manual
Where can I buy a parts maunal for an older machine? I bought machine out of state and it did not have a parts or operators manual. it is a old machine, still operates and I need to go into it and replace bearings and clutches. 23-4  60″   s/n 740317 or 77421 we had a […] Read More

Post processor
We have a Series 510 summit lathe  (Model SC510x60).  Want to hook up a post processor for master-cam from your machine.  Can you help to put me in the right direction or assist with this? Tom Read More

How do I use a usb for uploading programs?
Hi, I am new to this machine and would like to use a USB drive for downloading programs to the Lathe. I am going to take the books home tonight and try to find it, but just in case I don’t find it could you please explain it to me. If you need to send […] Read More

Lathe Model Identification
where can I find the model or serial number for an old Summit lathe? Ive looked around on the lathe tooling machine and am worried someone took it off or painted over it, I would like to order a book for it but I know that will be the first question Read More

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