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Ask The Service Department: Technical Questions

Our service department knows their way around a machine shop and every piece of equipment & part we sell! We are here to answer all the service questions you have and help our customers solve their machining problems. Whether you have questions on a CNC machine, manual machine or mechanical inquiries – our service department will talk you through a solution!

How to transfer programs using USB?
Machine is S024-4×60 with Fagor 8055I controller. We are trying to save programs to USB flash drive, but the machine does not recognize USB flash drive. How do we save and transfer programs to and from using a USB flash drive? Read More

What type of lube is used in head?
Maint. added 30 wt. mineral oil to our 4′ radial drill and it all ran out the bottom. The head has a site glass, and I assume the oil level should register? Thanks for your help Read More

clutch and brake adjustments
we have recently had to do a rebuild on the feedbox gearing and bearings of our lathe. We decided to replace the clutch and brake packs since it’s been who knows how long and we were getting a lot of chatter out of them. I need to know if there is a known setting for […] Read More

what do I have, and can I get a manual for it?
I recently bought a summit lathe at an estate auction. It apears to be 14×40, three phase. There are no markings on the lathe anywhere except “summit”on the headstock, and again on the bottom right side of the tailstock end support. the only numbers i can find on it are “089″ stamped on one way, […] Read More

is my problem spindle clutch or timers
when you start spindle direction sometimes comes on and then next time it takes 2-5 minuites sometimes more or not at all you can hear electrical engage for clutch but when spindle starts you hear what sounds like electrical ramp up Read More

Shell Tellus 37 equivalent & headstock capacity?
Hello Chase, looking for an answer to 2 questions about our machine: 1.) Your manual recommends Shell Tellus 37 or equivalent for the headstock. Since Shell Tellus 37 isn’t available in the US, what oil does Summit recommend? 2.) What is the capacity of the headstock oil reservoir? I want to make sure we have […] Read More

Lead Screw
Hi Summit. Was running my lathe from the lead screw feed, I did not stop the feed in time. Now my lead screw with not work. Need help locating the part, gear/pin if that is what I broke. Read More

Input voltage
The lathe I purchased is marked as 230v- I have 460v power- how would you recommend changing the voltage set up for the lathe? Read More

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