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Ask Dan: Big Tools Questions

bad engagement on feed box

The detent on the mm/1″ feed selector (Section A in the manual breakdown of feedbox) is way off position and doesnt feel right. Its also not locking in the leadscrew consistantly. The roll pin holding the handle on is no longer in a horizontal position, more verticle and and detents are not hitting intended positions. Is there any machine teardown manuals I can obtain to repair this issue?

  1. Mike,

    It sounds like you have a broken shift fork or that a roll pin internal to the box has sheered or dropped out. Yes, we do have parts and operations manuals available for purchase through our parts department. We do not have an actual repair manual, but the parts breakdowns do assist a lot in disassemble and part identification. Call 800-654-3262, ext. 133 for our parts department.


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