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Ask The Service Department: Technical Questions

What model do I have, and can I get a manual for it?

I recently bought a summit lathe at an estate auction. It apears to be 14×40, three phase. There are no markings on the lathe anywhere except “summit”on the headstock, and again on the bottom right side of the tailstock end support. the only numbers i can find on it are “089″ stamped on one way, and “2″ stamped on the other. It is fairly heavy (3000 lb.?) for its size due to the lower part (supports, chip pan) are cast in one piece. It has aa L-1 spindle, taper attatchment, and the tailstock has a right angle drive hand wheel. It has a damaged gear in the feed gear box that I would like to replace if possible, and a manual would be very helpfull.

  1. Janette in Parts should be able to help you figure this out, and we have paper manuals available for purchase through our parts department.

    Please contact Janette at 1-800-654-3262 Ext. 133, or submit a request on our Parts page.



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