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Ask Dan: Big Tools Questions

Can the turret be put on other side of slide

We have a power turret on our Smart Cut CNC lathe and for some reason it is on the operator side, like a manual turret would be. All the CNC machines I use the turret is on the back side, so it lets the operator see what’s going on. I think I just need to change the “X” parameters to be backwards?

  1. James,
    This is how our machines are designed. We have had some customers request for this change (I do believe however, depending on the model you are getting, you lose a small amount of x axis travel when making this change).
    Yes this can be done. You would have to change the direction of the X axis, the homing direction, and you would have to change placement and arrangement of the limit switches used as hard limits and home switch. If you are purchasing a new machine, this can be done here at our facility. The only thing difference would be the tool numbers on the turret face. You would have to program the tool opposite of the tool that you wanted to use. Please contact me if you have any more questions.

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