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Ask Jason: Applications Questions

the worn gear block on axis is worn

There are three ways- one goes toward the chuck, the other goes in toward center of chuck. This block that goes on the worm gear has movement. Could the block be bad? If you grab the axis and try to move it by hand, it moves. Can you buy this block separate?

  1. Paul,
    It sounds like you are talking about the cross slide nut. Yes, typically you can purchase just the cross slide nut. However, if the nut is loose there is a good chance that he screw will have wear/damage as well. I would try to adjust the nut before replacing anything. The nut and screw should only be replaced when there is no longer any adjustment left in the nut.

    If you have any questions about how to do this you can contact me at 800-654-3262 ext. 140


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