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Hannon Hydraulics Purchased Over $500K in New Summit Machine Tools in 2012


Hannon Hydraulics, Inc. has been a loyal Summit customer for 35 years. The custom equipment manufacturer purchased over $500,000 in new Summit machine tools in 2012 to support its recent global expansion. This year, Hannon added new Summit engine lathes and Summit vertical mills to increase production capacity at its Dallas, Houston and San Antonio facilities.


The Global Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturer Only Buys the Best Machine Tools

Dallas-based Hannon Hydraulics specializes in hydraulic equipment manufacturing and repair for the mining, steel mill and offshore oil drilling markets. Due to internationally regulated safety, quality and environmental standards in these sectors, Hannon produces custom industrial equipment that meets its customers’ specifications and industry certifications. The new Summit machine tools offer Hannon the highest level of machining precision, consistency and quality.

Wade Reed, Hannon Hydraulics‘ president and CEO says, “The equipment we manufacture operates in some of the world’s harshest environments and under the most demanding field conditions. Our customers run their Hannon equipment high-speed, non-stop, and typically outdoors and exposed to the elements. Not only does our equipment have to be tough, but it also has to consistently perform with pinpoint accuracy. To meet our customers’ challenging demands, Hannon Hydraulics only uses the best tools, machines and materials. We invest in Summit machine tools because the company rivals our own high standard of excellence. We’ve been a loyal Summit customer for the better part of 35 years.”

Hannon produces and repairs custom hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic actuators, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors, marine riser tensioners, motion compensation systems, BOP lift cylinders, BOP test stumps, accumulator assembly systems, hydraulic power units (HPU), conductor pipe tensioners, cantilever lift systems and riser lifting systems.  In addition to heavy duty equipment fabrication, Hannon also supplies parts, provides repair service, recertifies equipment and offers global field service for the custom equipment it manufactures.

About Hannon Hydraulics, Inc.

Hannon Hydraulics, Inc. is one of the world’s leading custom industrial equipment manufacturers, parts suppliers and repair shops. The 35 year old company specializes in the offshore oil drilling, mining and steel mill industries. Hannon has 100 employees and operates equipment manufacturing and repair facilities in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas. Since its formation, the company has invested more than $300 million in its facilities, workforce, equipment, technology, training and processes. Hannon serves more than 500 global companies located in South America, with an emphasis on Brazil, Southeast Asia with a focus on Singapore, the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Africa and Middle East.  The company is insured by A+ carriers and meets international safety, quality and environmental standards as defined by DNV, ABS and API. To learn more about Hannon, visit: