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42″ Hollow Spindle Oil Country Metal Lathes

6.1″ to 14.1″ Spindle Bores, 42″ Swings, Center Distances: 80″ to 360″

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The newly redesigned Summit 42″ Series Oil Country Lathes are designed to provide the precision and rugged reliability required for today’s machining applications. This series is available in centerdistances from 80″ to 360″, with large spindle bores ranging from 6.1″ up to 14.1″ to cover a wide range of workpieces. Castings are heavily ribbed for rigidity and bibrationdampening. The headstock is designed with straight cut final drive gears to provide quiet and efficient operation through the full range of spindle speeds. The extra wide 22″ bed ways are hardened and precision ground to provice high accuracy and long life. The bed is constructed from high-grade alloyed cast iron, normalized and aged to achieve maximum stability. A third way on the front of the bed provides additional support to the carriage in order to prevent deflection even in the heaviest cuts.

  • Apron & pendant controls for operator flexibility
  • Hydraulic semi-automatic threading device for fast threading
  • Hardened & precision ground bedways for long-lasting accuracy
  • Quick change gearbox will cut American (inch), Metric and Module pitch threads
  • Rapid traverse on carriage (4 way)
  • Huge 6″, 9″, 12″ & 14″ spindle bores for maximum workpiece flexibility
  • Sliding chuck guards for quick and safe workpiece access
Included Accessories
  • Thread dial
  • Steady rest (5.9″-14.9″)
  • Follow rest
  • Complete coolant system with chip pans and splash guards
  • Taper attachment incremented in both degrees and inches per foot
  • Work light
  • 42-6 Series equipped with 20″ 3 Jaw Chuck and 32″ 4 Jaw Chuck
  • 42-9 Series equipped with front and rear 26″ 4 Jaw Chucks
  • 42-12 Series equipped with front and rear 28″ 4 Jaw Chucks
  • 42-14 Series equipped with front and rear 28″ 4 Jaw Chucks
Specifications: 42″ Swing Series
Swing over bed 41.7″
Swing over cross slide 29.5″
Swing over gap 63.4″
Hole thru spindle – available sizes 6.1″ 9″ 12.2″ 14.1″
Spindle speeds (12) 9-600 6-400 4-300 3-200
Spindle nose A2-11 A2-15 A2-20
Threads per inch – number/range (48) 1 – 15
Metric threads – number/range (48) 2-30
Travel of spindle barrel 11.8″
Diameter of spindle barrel 4.9″
Tailstock center #6 MT
Width of bed 22″
Main drive motor 30 HP
Shipping weight (approximate) (120″cc) 20,790 lbs.
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