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Summit Machine Tool has demo and used machine tools for sale including used lathes, used CNC lathes, used CNC mills, used horizontal boring mills, and much more. Many listed models have zero or low work hours. Contact our sales team at 800-654-3262 with any questions or if you have inquiries about used machines not listed on this page.

Use metal lathes 24-4x120

Demo Summit 24-4×120

This new lathe has been demonstrated in our show room and has no production hours. It has excessive noise in one gear range so we are offering at a special discounted price.

It features a Big 4 1/8” Spindle Bore, 10 HP and 1400 RPM. Comes complete with a 12” 3 jaw chuck, follow rest, standard steady rest with roller tips and ½”-6 1/8” capacity and an extra capacity steady Rest with roller tips and 5” – 11” capacity, taper attachment, 4 way rapid traverse, inch – metric threading, work light, full length splash guard, thread dial, and two speed tailstock.

New Price $53,990

Demo Price $48,000

 Total Savings: $5,990 

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Demo Summit 18-3×80

This is a new lathe with no production time only shop demonstrations.

It features a 3 1/8” spindle bore, 10 HP and a 1500 RPM spindle. It comes with a 12” 3 jaw chuck, 15 ¾” 4 jaw chuck, coolant system, taper attachment, steady rest, follow rest, and full-length splash guard.

New Price $29,990

Demo Price $26,990

  Total Savings: $3,000 

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Used vertical mill

Demo Summit VS-550B Variable Speed Vertical Mill

This new mill has no production hours only showroom demonstrations.

It features heavy hardened and ground box ways that are Turcite-lined, 40 taper spindle, and a 5 HP spindle motor. Comes complete with coolant system, power draw bar, power raise on the knee, operational tools and a clamping kit.

New Price $16,495

Demo Price $14,500

 Total Savings: $1,995

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Used metal lathes, 14x40

Demo Summit 14x40S, SN: 161240

This Demo Summit Lathe is available for quick delivery.

It includes all the standard accessories such as 3 Jaw and 4 Jaw Chucks, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Taper Attachment, Full Length Splash Guard, Work Light and Complete Coolant System.

New Price $10,490

Demo Price $9,000

  Total Savings: $1,495 

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Used metal lathes, 24-4x80

Used Summit 24-4x80B, SN:36174-U

This older Summit lathe has just been taken in on trade and is available for quick shipment. It is in good condition and includes the following accessories: Steady Rest, Follow Rest, 12” 3 jaw chuck, full length splash guard and a taper attachment.

This Lathe is Priced at $20,000

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Demo Summit 3’H Radial Drill SN:W2016379

This drill is ready for immediate shipment.

It features a 3HP spindle motor with a 4 MT taper spindle that provides 1 ¼” drilling capacity in mild steel. The drill is equipped with a  plain bos table for drilling smaller parts.

New Price $21,480

Demo Price $15,100

 Total Savings: Over $6,000 

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Vertical Boring Mill


Table Diameter: 78″

Max. Diameter of Swing: 104″

Height Under Cross Rail: 82″


Special Price: $399,900

Includes Standard Summit Warranty. Take advantage – this special pricing won’t repeat.

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